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It is January 2010 and I am starting a new year and a new blog for my cupcakes! I hope to publish some of my new creations along with the tried and true! I will also be posting where you can find me at local events or where you can stop in a try a cupcake at local restaurants that carry Magical Cupcakes.

I am looking forward to your comments, suggestions and good feedback!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This bride chose chose 3 great flavors: Chocolate peanut butter, Coconut cream, and Lemon raspberry. A bride and groom lemon raspberry cake with a flower topper and
customized "bride and groom" stamped forks made by
www.geraniumgem.com really was a special treat for this happy couple.

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  1. Shelly your cupcakes are amazing! Your customer service is equally amazing! You go above and beyond to deliver what your customer asks for and sometimes you even think of things that the customer didn't. My favorite- lemon raspberry, although the flavor that has toasted coconut is looking pretty fantastic! Maybe time for a new order...